Island Troll Tribes

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Island Troll Tribes Build your own tropical island in this beautiful world. Now you will have to find a way to live in this free game!

Island Troll Tribes is a popular online multiplayer strategy game that was first released in the early 2000s. The game is set on a tropical island where players control their own tribe of trolls and compete against each other to become the dominant force on the island.

Each player starts with a small tribe and must gather resources, build structures, train troops, and engage in battles to defeat their opponents and expand their territory. The game features various units with different abilities, such as archers, spearmen, and catapults, and players must strategically deploy them to achieve victory.

Island Troll Tribes is known for its fast-paced and intense gameplay, as well as its humorous tone and whimsical graphics. The game has a large and dedicated player base, and many players have spent thousands of hours playing and perfecting their strategies.

In recent years, Island Troll Tribes has received updates and improvements, including new maps, units, and game modes, as well as a remastered version of the game with improved graphics and performance.

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