Pickup Cargo

Pickup Cargo Drive a pickup truck on dirty and hilly roads and deliver various cargo to the customers houses. Drive the truck carefully and avoid losing too much of your cargo.


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Cargo Drive Truck Delivery Simulator


As far as I know, there are several games that are called “Pickup Cargo” or “Cargo Pickup” which are truck-driving simulation games where players drive a pickup truck and transport cargo to different locations. These games are available on various platforms such as mobile, PC, and consoles. The gameplay involves driving through various terrain, traffic, and weather conditions while carefully navigating through the map to complete the delivery of the cargo to the destination on time.

Some of the features that might be included in these games are:

  • Different types of cargo to transport, with varying weight and fragility.
  • Different types of pickup trucks to choose from, each with its own specifications and handling characteristics.
  • Realistic physics engine that simulates the handling of the truck and the cargo.
  • Various environments and weather conditions to drive through.
  • Multiplayer options to compete against other players.

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